Dear ladies and gentlemen,

let us introduce ourselves as a supplier of winding technology. The TPC s. r. o. company was established in 1992 as an independent branch of the TESLA concern. Thanks to advanced know-how, new technologies and development of new machines and CNC control systems it is a lead producer of the coil winding machines in the region of the central and eastern Europe. During years of its sales effort the TPC has established good agencies in the USA, South Africa, Germany, France, Italy, UK, Skandinavien and Russia.

Production portfolio of the TPC consists of the coil winding machines and accessories. They are characterized by simple operation, high accuracy, smooth run and high reliability.




The company is located in Liptovský Hrádok, a small town in the Liptov region of the northern Slovakia. It is serviced by air through Poprad (domestic), 40 km to the east, or Vienna (international), 350 km to the southwest and has excellent rail and highway connections.





Corporate Timeline




ERN 22  (1992)

1st model made by TPC company with 1st controler generation
Memory capacity of 10 programs, parameters programming only in codes

ERN 32  (1993)

New models on the market. The production portfolio is complemented by a stronger ERN 32 model

ERN 22  (1999)

New design of ERN 22 model

ERN 22G  (2004)

New G-version of controler. 2ndgeneration in software development. Memory capacity incresed up to 160 programs, all parameters are programs are freely programmable in units

ERN 42C  (2005)

The winding machine is equiped with another type of controler. Display replaced by small 5,8” PC

ERN 52G  (2008)

USB port integrated  into controller, extended memory capacity to unlimited

ERN 200G  (2009)

Floor type winding machine
- variable working space
- optimal winding diameter and winding width by customers expectations

ERN 500  (2010)

The new and the strongest model with maximal torque 1600 Nm

ERN 32T  (2015)

The new T version of controler with 15“ touch screen. Provides comfortable programming and brings new special functions

ERN 60T  (2017)

Special version with automatic switch gear